Pull Up a Chair

Back in April, when I shared my crafty corner, it was missing a chair.  Since then, while searching for the perfect chair, I've been using a folding metal chair.

Finally, the day came.  While we were walking around Faith Rescue Mission, my friend and fellow DIY-er Anna, found this for me...

{you can also see the chair I've been using on the right side of the picture...}

What made this chair even more appealing was the price...

$10.00!  Not too shabby.

Now anyone who has spent any length of time with us knows we do not like to pay full price and will avoid doing so at all costs, whether it's through coupons or asking for a discount (JP is much better at it than I am but I'm learning...it never hurts to ask.  The worst that will happen is they say no).  This holds true even at thrift stores.  However, before I could put my crazy bargaining skillz to use , they gave us 50% off because Kalie flashed her student ID.  So I bought this chair for $5.00!

The first thing we did was remove the seat.

 It always helps to have a toddler around...she has to earn her keep after all.
Buddy Fruits don't grow on trees, baby doll!

The chair was slightly coming apart on one side so JP drilled some screws in to hold it together.

Then using a white wood filler, he filled in the spaces over the screws.  After it dried, we sanded it down until it was smooth.

We applied one coat of primer...

And then one coat of glossy white...

We found the material at Hobby Lobby.  Using a 40% off coupon, we paid $4.98.  We laid it face down on the floor, put the cushion on top, and then probably went a little over board with the staple gun.  If we saw a loose spot, we stapled it.

When we were finished, we trimmed all the excess material.

After attaching the seat, we were done!  And it only cost us $9.98.

{clicking the picture should make it larger}

What's not to love?


Jenna said...

Oooooo, I love that fabric! Cute chair!

Home Sweet Helena said...

Absolutely love it. And thanks for the shout out ;)
P.S. You have a rock star spray painting surface. Too bad my garage floor couldn't have turned out like that...

Kelly said...

Love it!!!