Homemade Febreze

I found the "recipe" for this over on Pinterest and could not wait to try it.

All you need is this:

~ 1/8 cup of your favorite fabric softener
~ 2 tablespoons of baking soda
~ hot tap water

Simply pour the fabric softener and baking soda into an empty spray bottle (I used an old Shout bottle), add hot water to fill the bottle up, shake it up, and start spraying!  I made this on Tuesday and I love it!  

PS - If you click my link up there to Pinterest, and then click the link you find there, it will eventually take you here, where the author gives a price comparison of making your own, and actually buying a bottle of Febreze.  Also, if you haven't checked out Pinterest, click my "Follow Me on Pinterest" button on the right side of the blog and check it out.  You will be addicted!

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