My One-derful Table

The reason I think this table is so wonderful is because it cost me $1.00!

Sorry the pictures are so grainy...I don't know what to say.

Like most things that cost $1.00, it just needed a little bit of love.  We decided to paint the metal part with some left over spray paint from a slightly-failed attempt at a headboard (that's another story for another day...)  Then I took the glass table-top out and scrubbed it the best I could but it refused to look clean.

On to Plan B.

We bought a piece of wood ($4) that is 1/4" thick from Lowe's, traced the circle onto it, and cut it out with a jig saw.  Then we took some zebra print fabric ($4) from Joann's and wrapped it around the wood, using spray adhesive and staples to attach it.

That was all it took!  It fits perfectly beside the chair in our bedroom!

Again, I'm sorry that the pictures are so grainy.  If only I had a Nikon D5000....