Way to go Wyatt!

I just wanted to give a quick update on our friends Tyler and Jenna and their new baby boy Wyatt.

When I posted on Monday, I asked that everyone pray that Wyatt would have his surgery.  Praise the Lord, he did a few hours later!  The procedure went well and Wyatt went through recovery like a champ.  After a very long 48 hours, Jenna got to see her little boy again.  She and Tyler have a great schedule set up allowing them time to rest and Jenna to recover, but also letting them finally spend time with Wyatt.

Wyatt's eating very well.  This is great news!  Babies with Wyatt's condition sometimes develop a food aversion.  However Wyatt's food intake is being increased and he's taking it well!

For the rest of the update, I'll just post Jenna and Tyler's update from Thursday night (written by Tyler).  I'm not really sure how to re-word it so it's just easier that way :)

"Second and equally important, later this evening Wyatt will be downgrading his residence, this is a really good thing, let me explain. The Wolfson's NICU is separated into two sides. Side A, has all new transfers and holds the babies that need intensive care around the clock. Side B, is called the "feeders and growers" side where newborns are just being monitored while they tie up all the loose ends in preparation for going home. So, Wyatt is downgrading from Side A to Side B TONIGHT!!!!
(Just to fend off the question that you're thinking, no we don't have a discharge date, but we are moving in the right direction.)

Other random updates are...
This morning he had his last dose of antibiotics. 
He put on his first T-shirt and is now allowed to wear clothes for warmth instead of a warming lamp. 
He is also getting a new bed, out of the high tech warming bed to a generic crib on wheels (i'll be putting a lift kit and off road tires on it for a Christmas present, lol). 
Jenna's milk is in!"

There is no doubt that we serve an awesome and gracious God.  Praise the Lord, for His mercies are new every morning!!

Baby Wyatt

Welcome to the world Wyatt Stephen!

Wyatt was born on December 19 at 2:25 PM.  He weighed 8lbs and was 21 inches long.  As Mary Poppins would say, "Practically perfect in every way!"

Unfortunately, a tiny bit of his intestines herniated through his belly button.  The doctors have ensured that this is a very minor problem but Wyatt was transferred to the Children's Hospital where he is awaiting his surgery.  He was whisked away shortly after he was born so Mommy and Daddy (Jenna and Tyler) are really missing their baby boy.

Please pray...
1) That even though Wyatt's condition is not considered crucial, that he will be able to have his surgery today.  The sooner he does, the sooner he can re-unite with Jenna and Tyler and the sooner this new family of three can go home.

2) For Jenna and Tyler.  Jenna is currently recovering from bringing Wyatt into the world, and Tyler is running back and forth between hospitals.  They are doing well, just praying for their son and getting rested up.  They'll need all the energy they can get to make up for lost time with all the kisses, snuggles, and hugs they'll be making up for.

3) For the doctors and nurses working with Tyler, Jenna, and Wyatt.  Pray they'll have steady hands in surgery, tender hearts for this beautiful new family, and patient minds as they answer questions from a new mommy and daddy.

Karlie - 10 Months

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas but I still have so much to be thankful for.  This year was our first Thanksgiving as a family of 3.  Karlie turned 10 months old the day before Thanksgiving.

Here she was at 2 months:

Again 5 months:

And now at 10 months:

I feel like Karlie is learning something new or doing something new every day.  She's trying to say words now. Although she sometimes doesn't say the first or last letter, she's definitely learning what certain things are and can now identify some things.

Her word list right now is:

~ book - She pronounces it "buh" but she always consistently says it whenever we hand her one of her board books or as she is crawling to get them.
~ dog - She pronounces this as "gog" but whenever one of our dogs come to her, she says it over and over again and pats their head or pulls on their ears (this mainly happens with Tex, our hound dog)
~ bye-bye - This one is a family favorite.  I can think of fewer things better than seeing her wave and shriek bye-bye.  Every now and then her timing is off.  Several times we've walked JP out to the car when he leaves for school and she won't start waving and saying "bye-bye" until the car has turned the corner.  Other times she just randomly waves and says bye-bye, usually in the buggy at the grocery store.
~ more - She's been a little more random with this one but she's said it several times while I'm making her lunch or dinner.  Always when food is close by!  We've been signing "more" with her for a while now so we think she's really catching on.

She's also doing this hilarious laugh/chuckle, especially when she's excited about something (usually food) that is guaranteed to make everyone in the room laugh.  I wish I could type something that would resemble the sound but I have no clue how.  So I guess I'll just have to try to get it on video.