Way to go Wyatt!

I just wanted to give a quick update on our friends Tyler and Jenna and their new baby boy Wyatt.

When I posted on Monday, I asked that everyone pray that Wyatt would have his surgery.  Praise the Lord, he did a few hours later!  The procedure went well and Wyatt went through recovery like a champ.  After a very long 48 hours, Jenna got to see her little boy again.  She and Tyler have a great schedule set up allowing them time to rest and Jenna to recover, but also letting them finally spend time with Wyatt.

Wyatt's eating very well.  This is great news!  Babies with Wyatt's condition sometimes develop a food aversion.  However Wyatt's food intake is being increased and he's taking it well!

For the rest of the update, I'll just post Jenna and Tyler's update from Thursday night (written by Tyler).  I'm not really sure how to re-word it so it's just easier that way :)

"Second and equally important, later this evening Wyatt will be downgrading his residence, this is a really good thing, let me explain. The Wolfson's NICU is separated into two sides. Side A, has all new transfers and holds the babies that need intensive care around the clock. Side B, is called the "feeders and growers" side where newborns are just being monitored while they tie up all the loose ends in preparation for going home. So, Wyatt is downgrading from Side A to Side B TONIGHT!!!!
(Just to fend off the question that you're thinking, no we don't have a discharge date, but we are moving in the right direction.)

Other random updates are...
This morning he had his last dose of antibiotics. 
He put on his first T-shirt and is now allowed to wear clothes for warmth instead of a warming lamp. 
He is also getting a new bed, out of the high tech warming bed to a generic crib on wheels (i'll be putting a lift kit and off road tires on it for a Christmas present, lol). 
Jenna's milk is in!"

There is no doubt that we serve an awesome and gracious God.  Praise the Lord, for His mercies are new every morning!!

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Thomas said...

So glad to hear! We were praying for them....