Flower Power

I got instructions for this little cutie from Stephanie over at Just Thought I'd Share (she's also the amazing owner of Simply Unique Boutique)  So when she posted how to do this little flower, I knew I had to do it.  All you need is material and a hot glue gun!

1.  Trace and cut out circles from your material.  I used the bottom of a juice glass to trace my circles.  The number of circles you'll use depends on how full you want your flower to be.  I cut out somewhere around 25 because I knew I'd be making more than one.  I only used 9 or 10 on my flower.  2 of my fabrics were left over from a dress I made for Karlie (more on that later).  I knew I wanted a third color so I raided my closet and found an old white skirt I never wear anymore.  For the base of my flower, I cut a smaller circle out of some left over felt I had.

2.  Grab one of your circles in the middle so that it scrunches up.

3.  Grab the open end with your other hand and put a small dot of glue on the tip.  Press it against the center of your base until it sticks.

4.  Continue doing this with your fabric circles until you get the look you want.  I alternated which fabric I used and glued them on opposite sides.

When you like what you see, stop there and admire your work!

You can then glue your blossom to whatever you like.
~ A clippie for you or your daughter's hair
~ A pin to wear on a sweater, purse or bag
~ Or glue straight to a throw pillow
So many possibilities!

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