Seasoned Veggies

**Courtesy of Anna Johnson

These vegetables are probably my favorite side dish...definitely in my top 5.  They're super easy to throw together and probably very common...alot of you probably already do this as a side.

Ingredients: (the amount of each vegetable will depend on how many you're feeding.  The italicized number indicates how many we use, and will usually feed 4)
~ zucchini (2)
~ yellow squash  (2)
~ red potato (2 medium sized)
~ baby portabella  muchrooms (1 sm. carton - we love mushrooms!)
~ whole green beans (maybe around 15, chopped into thirds)
~ baby carrots (maybe around 15, sliced in half)
~ broccoli (1 stalk)
~ Tony Chachere seasoning

1.  Preheat your oven to 400 degrees
2.  Chop all of the vegetables.
3.  Mix all vegetables together, except for the mushrooms, in a baking dish (we use a 9x13).  Set your chopped mushrooms aside, they'll be added in later.
4.  Drizzle enough olive oil to coat the vegetables and mix.
5.  Sprinkle desired amount of Tony Chachere seasoning on top and mix again.  I've found the more I use, the spicier it gets.
6.  Bake for 20-30 minutes, depending on how tender you want them to be.  When there are about 5 minutes left, mix in the mushrooms.  Continue baking until all the vegetables are tender.

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Lauren said...

Looks yummy Jamie! And great job on your shred plan!! Jilian is a killer!