A Corner of Craftiness

Besides missing a little bit of pizazz, my craft corner is complete!  Any of you who know us, and I mean really know us, you know how we are about projects.  We are masters at starting projects and champions at leaving them half-finished, for weeks  months.  So for us to finish the desk make-over, new furniture assembly, and organizing all my stuff into their new spots in just 5 days is quite the accomplishment!

Let me give you a reminder of what it looked like Friday morning.

And here's what it looked like Tuesday night:

The hanging bowls I found at Ikea.  They're called Asker Containers.  They're perfect for pens, pencils, and scissors.  I think I'll put some pretty flowers in the empty middle one.

The standing bookshelf is also from Ikea.  The boxes (again, from Ikea) are holding my fabrics and hairbow-making materials.

I put my sewing machine on the lower empty shelf and my stack of Food Network magazines on the upper empty shelf.  I know it's silly but I love how they look all stacked up nicely.  I'm thinking a white porcelain animal will look right at home on top of them.

And I love my desk!  I was worried the stain was too light and that we should have done 1 more coat of stain, but when JP put the clear coat on, it was perfect!  

And those knobs?  They look Anthropologie right??  I found them at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!

This was the previous hardware:

And these are the new ones:

So besides needing some accessories and a chair, it's all finished!


Anonymous said...

Hey, girl! Thanks for visiting Taylor Made Home. I so didn't realize you guys were in Bham now! I wanna go shopping up there soon. Maybe we can make a ZGallerie trip together! :) BTW, cute craft corner! It turned out amazing! You should email Jen (iheart organizing) and share it. Mind if I share your success on my blog tomorrow?

Jamie said...

Yes, please do share!
And I am ALWAYS up for a ZGallerie trip! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'll let you know when I post it (and when I'm in town!) :)

iheartorganizing said...

This is INCREDIBLE! I seriously had to look at your desk over and over to make sure it was the same one. And that hardware is incredible! The whole space looks so fantastic and functional, I am giddy for you!


Jenna said...

Oh my goodness.. I LOVE that! SO cute!!