Bucket List

Everyone should have a bucket list right?  The beauty of a bucket list is you can change it anytime you like.  I hope to cross alot off and even add some more.  Well, here's mine.

1.     Sky Dive
2.     Save someone’s life
3.     Earn a teaching degree (preferably from University of Georgia)
4.     Learn to harmonize
5.     Help someone deliver a baby
6.     Walk on a college football field, at night, with the stadium lights on (again, preferably at UGA)
7.     Play in an orchestra again
8.     Learn to play the guitar
9.     Punch someone
10.   Go on a cruise
11.   Hike in Montana
12.   Niagara Falls
13.   Grand Canyon
14.   Mt. Rushmore
15.   Ride a motorcycle by myself
16.   Spend a week in Washington D.C.
17.   Visit Europe (ideally for a couple of months)
18.   Work at Joann’s
19.   Steal La Reunion’s potato salad recipe
20.   Win trivia night
21.   Run an 8K
22.   Run a half-marathon
23.   Run a full marathon
24.   Perform a certain pop song in front of a stadium of thousands (I’ve h ad the same dream about this three times…I brought people to their feet {in applause, not to leave})
25.  Be a guest star on SNL and scream “Live from New York, iiiiiiit’s Saturday Niiiiight!!!”
26.  Go parasailing
27.  Get better at water skiing 
28.  Fly first class
29.  New Year's Eve in Times Square
30.  Spend the night in Cinderella's Castle
31.  Work at Disney World as Belle
32.  Ride in a hot air balloon
33.  Give Christmas to a less-fortunate kid
34.  Do 100 "man push-ups"
35.  Be able to run in the sand at the beach
36.  Stay at the ME Resort in Cabo or Cancun
37.  Go watch UGA at the SEC Championship
Drive a jet-ski
Run a 5K
See the Hollywood Sign
Buy a house
Have a baby
Go over 100 mph

      OK, so #24, #25, and #31 will probably remain dreams, but every bucket list should have some crazy things on them.  Everything else seems pretty achievable.  So, if you have any connections that would help me cross some things off, be sure to keep me on the D.L.


Sweet Home Helena said...

You KNOW I'll keep you on the DL...that's pretty much what I do best. :)

~Laura and Geoff~ said...

#9 made me choke on my drink!

JP said...

"Keep me on the DL" doesn't make any sense!

Jenilee said...

my husband went skydiving. it was crazy!!!

samuel.verble said...

One day, I'll help you with #17. And I can't wait to see #24-25.