Blitz Cleaning

It's what we do.

Every night.

{...well, almost every night.  We've slacked off lately because of a clumsy injury on my part.  We'll be back to blitzing in no time.}

Blitz cleaning happens after we lay Karlie down for the night.  We say prayers, give tons of hugs and kisses, and the blitzing begins.  All we do is set our kitchen timer (which I love by the way.  It's orange and it's from Anthropologie and I smile every time I turn its little dial) for 10-15 minutes and then we clean like crazy.

We usually do a 10 minute blitz but the pictures below are from a 15 minute blitz.  We set the timer for 10 minutes but the time flew by and we weren't ready to quit!  So we added 5 more minutes...see what blitzing will do to you?!

Behold!  The power of 15 minutes....

As we clean, anything we find that belongs in Karlie's room is piled neatly by the door and put away the next morning.  

 And that is what we call blitz cleaning. 

 I'm always looking for quick and easy cleaning tips so if you have one you love to do, puh-leez, do tell me about it!


Kelly said...

I do the same thing...although I've never set the timer. I like that idea! I just pick up/clean until the house is presentable. Jacob is usually gone til late in the evenings, so he's not here to help. I hope you're ok! I didn't know you'd gotten hurt :(

The Stanfields said...

I love that you call this "blitz cleaning" and that your sweet hubby helps! I do this everyday when my hubby calls to say he's on his way home (that gives me about 15 min). It's my (very) small way to speak his love language (most days) when he walks in the door from work! (ps... found your sweet blog thru Jenilee's party!)

Jeremy and Amy said...

I try to clean up after dinner each night. . .I don't set the timer tho. :) Makes such a difference for me to wake up to a neat house.

I also try to clean one shelf of my fridge per day, as well as set the timer for 15 minutes of organizing a day. It's amazing what can be accomplished in 15 minutes!

Katie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I have got to make this a part of my nightly routine. I can totally relate to the dining room table!