DIY: Burlap Box

Alright all you moms out there.  I know you'll love this project because I certainly do!

I saw this pin on Pinterest and finally got around to doing it.

All you need is:
~ a really messy spot
~ a diaper box
~ some light colored paint
~ hot glue
~ around 1 yard of burlap
~ ribbon
~ embellishments (optional - it looks cute with just the ribbon)
~ a smart and sassy Brit (this is not necessary but I had one spending the night at my house the day I did this project and I really liked it.  She also gave me a manicure that's lasting longer than when I paint my own nails.  She deserves her very own blog post...I'll start working on that.)

Choose your messy area.  Mine was our hall closet.  We had gloves, hats, scarves, leashes, and board games thrown into a heaping pile on a not-so-level shelf.  It got to the point when something would fall, I would cram the fallen item on the floor behind our vacuum.  Outta sight, outta mind.

Start by painting your box so that any bright, multi-colored patterns don't show through the burlap.  I used white acrylic paint and it actually dried super quick.

Unfortunately my camera died in the middle of the wrapping process but it's easy peazy.  There's not really a wrong or right way to do this.  Just treat it like a present and wrap it up, using hot glue wherever and whenever you want.

I glued the first edge in the middle of one of the long sides, planning for that to be the back.  Then when I folded the other side over, I folded the edge down so it left a nice crease and no raw edges were exposed.

This is where my camera died.  You really just do whatever works.  And of course extra burlap on the top is good.  Glue it down inside the box so that you don't see the cardboard when it's holding your clutter.

I did cut the flaps off the bottom of the box so it sits a little flatter.

After you're finished with your burlap, take your ribbon and glue it down.  I started at the back of the box, at the seam.  I put a line of glue, pressed down one edge of the ribbon, wrapped the ribbon tightly around the whole box, and glued it down once it met up with the seam again.  To finish up, I added 3 felt flowers with pearl brads.

That's it!

I was able to finished this project during one naptime.  You ask any mom and she'll tell you that's a feat.

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mrs. tabb said...

i like this! I'm gonna try it soon! :)