No-Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

I am in love with this tree skirt!  I've been seeing them around Pinterest and finally sat down to make one.  From what I've read on other blogs, if you just sit down and work until it's finished, it takes somewhere around 4-5 hours.  I did not time myself because I knew I'd be working on it while our daughter was awake.  I started on it Friday evening around 5:00 and it was finished at lunchtime on Saturday.  {Karlie and I took lots of book reading/ball throwing/chocolate milk making/booty dancing breaks...all of which I highly recommend during this project}

WARNING:  While this was an incredibly easy project, it was tedious.  EX.TREME.LY. tedious.  Some may experience thoughts like:
"This is taking FORever."
"I'm running out of material..."
"I don't think I have enough glue sticks."
"My back is KILLING me!"
"No, literally.  I think I'm dying from back pain..."
"If those dogs shed one more hair on my ruffles..."
"Do you think two rows of ruffles is enough?"
All of these thoughts are normal.  Don't give up!  Some All of those thoughts may have come out of my mouth at some point.  Just take lots of breaks and try to have fun!  It will be beautiful!

Here's what I used:
~ 1 canvas dropcloth from Lowe's or Home Depot (you could also use a tree skirt you already have)
~ 3 yards white material (I'm pretty sure it was muslin)
~ 3 yards tan material (I'm not sure what it is exactly but it was sitting on the same shelf as the burlap at Joann's)
~ rotary cutter (MUCH easier/faster than using scissors)
~ glue gun and lots of glue sticks
~ something very entertaining

1.  Fold your drop cloth in half, and then in half again so it is quartered.
2.  Fold your square in half to form a triangle.
3.  My husband likes to be exact so we used a tape measure and Sharpie as a compass to draw the arc where we would cut.
4.  Cut that line and another smaller arc down at the point.

You should end up with a circle...**

**I was really hoping to be able to tell you which side of the triangle to cut but somehow we failed miserably and ended up with this....

So I had to whip out my sewing machine to sew the two half-circles together. (I could have also used hot glue)  

Begin cutting your strips of material.  The length doesn't really matter but the longer the better (then you won't have to keep reaching for strips) but they need to be 3 inches wide.

Now set up for the long haul.  This is what my work area looked like:

Using a little bit of glue at a time (it dries pretty quickly) use your strips to make ruffles.  My advice would be to make little ruffles.  I started out making the ruffles very tall but it uses more material and takes a little bit longer.

So if you make the ruffles shorter, it goes a little quicker and doesn't use as much material.  Anna phrased it: "Less ruffle, less fabric being used."  Something like that.  She's very wise.

Keep going and going and going, alternating fabric between rows.  Saturday morning I moved to the kitchen table because hunching over on the floor was taking a toll on my back.

A couple hours later, this is what I had....

I L-O-V-E it!  So much.  Or as Karlie says "doe mush."


Jenna said...

This turned out sooo good! I loooove it!

Carrie said...

It is BEAUTIFUL. Well worth the effort you put in! I've seen them on Pinterest, too, and I have to say I love yours the most. ;-)

{no pressure, but feel free to link up to my weekly Refresh Your Nest Friday party; I'd love to feature your tree skirt!}

Sweet Home Helena said...

Jamie. You win all the prizes. This will spur me onward to finish mine :)

Jeremy and Amy said...

Most beautiful. . .and, yes, Anna is quite wise :)

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

It turned out beautiful! Now you have me trying to come up with a year-round use for this ruffle technique. Love it!

aimee said...

i looks beautiful, thanks for the great tutorial. i love ruffles xxx

Jenilee said...

it is SOOO gorgeous! I love it!

Tamsyn said...

I made a very similar tree skirt this year and went through the exact same thought process as you did. Definitely worth it in the end.

Yours looks beautiful!!

Janet said...

A lesser woman, like me for example, would have let the pain win and there would be no b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. ruffles. Be proud and hope you can stand straight soon :-)m I's have to find as easier way for sure.

Brooke said...

Thank you for the comment on mine - yours is gorg! I love the alternating stripes! Too cute!


Carrie said...

You've been featured!

Gloria Westerman said...

I saw this on pinterest and had to come and see how you made it.... I'm going to make me one tomorrow....the only thing I will probably do different (other than cutting it in tow pcs.) is to gather my material first then glue it down... using a running stick the length of your material would be a whole lot easier....thank you for your tutorial...and when I get it done I will link back to you....thank you again...
Oh and I'm a new follower....Merry Christmas!!!