The Frosting on the Cake

Yesterday I shared my recipe for Nutella frosting and forgot to include how I frosted them.  I like to be fancy like that but I am not a cake designer.  Probably never will be.  So when I saw one of these thingies in the baking aisle at Wal-Mart... looked easy enough.

It's called something like EZ Squeeze.  (It was literally hanging right beside the candles, frosting-in-a-tube, and cupcake liners at Wal-Mart...) It comes with 3 different nozzles.  You just fill 'er up, and squeeze it out. I started in the center and worked my way out.

And she's washable.

And it cost $1.00.  Have I mentioned we're cheap frugal?

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Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

Thanks for sharing your secret! For just a buck, I'm thinking one of those is in my near future, and maybe my cupcakes will stop looking so lame. :)