Bekvams for Books

In this post I mentioned some spice racks that would soon be book shelves for Karlie.  I had seen this idea floating around on different blogs and Pinterest and loved it.  Karlie is a little bookworm so more book storage was a must for her.  I bought three of the spice racks during our last trip to Ikea.  

A few coats of white paint and some little swirlies on the side are all these little spice racks needed to become cute little book shelves.  I used the same pink and green paint we used on her mural.

And Karlie's already got it figured out!


Steph P said...

I love it!! I LOVE that child will have something very similar...I think of your mural every time I see someone post something about a mural. I think "Jamie's looks better than that!" ha ha!

Jenna said...


Alana of Taylor Made Home said...

Love the personality you gave these spice racks as well as how you hung them like "steps" vs all in a line like they've been in the many places that I've spotted them too.