House Tour: Intro

When we moved to Alabama 3 1/2 years ago, we bought our home and really grew to love it through the projects that we did.  As we're getting ready to make the big move to Kansas, I want to make sure that I have done a good job documenting our first real home.  Especially since this is the house that we brought our first 2 children home to, I want them to be able to look back at this precious time in our lives.

When we lived in Texas, for the first time in our married lives we were allowed to paint the walls in our house.  The day we signed for our on-post house, we drove immediately to Wal-Mart and picked our colors.  It was like letting 2 children loose in the paint store, presenting them with little colorful pieces of cardstock that have funny, whimsical names on them like "Nacho Chip" (living room) and "Wetlands" (master bedroom) and "Blueberry Sauce" (guest room) and then buying those children all of the paint their ambitious little hearts desire.  These were our paint color choices...

I could not stop laughing as I put that collage together.  Can you taste our rainbow?

I must add, at the same time of our paint color frenzy, our friends/neighbors Mike and Faith had picked one color and did different shades of that color.  We thought they were crazy.  Turns out they were on to something...

Now we certainly are not professionals at this home decor biz, but I like to think we've improved a little bit.  We bought our Alabama home from an interior designer who painted the walls great shades of browns and tans.  However with the combination of changing tastes, the fact that they used flat paint (which I learned is impossible to clean), and because we will be renting out our home, we've decided to repaint every room in the house.  This time we'll be leaning more towards grays, still keeping it pretty neutral.

As I begin to post the different rooms in our home, you'll be able to see the color of the walls when we moved in and the new colors we choose.

Like I said, we're not professionals.  It won't be perfect, it's not everyone's cup o' tea...but we can call it ours and we love it.


Sweet Home Helena said...

Wow! That is truly horrific! :)

Heather said...

Yours is better than ours - we actually sponge painted the hallway in burgundy and tan! It was horrific!