Karlie - 9 Months

As of October 4, Karlie has been outside of me longer than she was inside of me.  It's weird to think that this time last year, I had only been feeling her little kicks for a couple of weeks.  Now I'm feeling her, but in different ways.  She loves to tug my hair, grab onto my arms with her tight little grip (which feels more like she's pinching me), and every now and then she uses me as a teether.  But the hugs, kisses, and little pats I get from her even everything out.

Here's the run-down since she's turned 9 months.
October 24 - 9 month birthday!
October 26 - She pulled up to standing by herself
November 1 - We began the weaning process.  Rough first few days but we made it through.
November 2 - Karlie began walking along furniture. ("cruising")
November 7 - She said "mama"
November 11 - We discovered her third tooth (which explained a short spell of food refusal and middle of the night wakings that we were confused about).  She also learned how to wave and say "bye-bye" (hopefully a video will follow soon)

Karlie is a wonderful little girl.  She naps twice a day for 2-3 hours and sleeps 10 hours at night.  I still nurse her first thing in the morning and right before bedtime.  We dropped her 2 middle-of-the-day nursings and substituted 1 bottle of formula right before her afternoon nap.  We went through 3 different types of formula before we found one that didn't make Karlie miserable.  The first two gave Karlie horrible tummy aches resulting in horrific diapers (with diaper rash) and severe vomiting.  After a very disappointing call to the lactation center, I finally spoke with a nurse at our pediatrician's office who gave me her personal advice (I think having 4 children definitely counts you as qualified) and the formula she recommended worked like a charm.  

Now that she know how to wave and say bye-bye, she knows no strangers.  While we're grocery shopping, people will slow down to smile at her and she will just grin and wave.  She's such a charmer.

She gets that from her daddy...along with those blue eyes.

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Heather Anderson said...

So cute! We are so blessed that you, JP and Karlie are a part of our Tabernacle family! We love watching little Karlie grow!