Karlie - 8 months old!

 Our little Karlie-bean is 8 months old today!  Happy birthday sweet pea!

1 day old

4 months old

8 months old

My oh my, how time flies.  It seems like last week we were spending all our time on the floor, trying to teach her how to roll over.  These days, we're still on the floor, but this time we're encouraging the crawling process. 

Her 8-month birthday has proved to be a very exciting day.  Today we noticed her first tooth breaking through her poor little gums!  Once it's really coming through, I'll get a picture of it. 

She's still loving her big-girl food.  Since this list, we've added:
~ kiwi
~ cucumber
~ pluots

In an attempt to spice things up here on the blog, I'm going to start posting some DIY projects, maybe some housework progress/tips, and our new recipes that JP and I are adding to the ol' cooking notebook. 

First up, recipes for the grill, to go along with the hopefully upcoming cooler weather!

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JP said...

I really cannot believe how she has grown and how fun she is now. I really, really, really love her so much. I am grateful for you as a Mom and Wife. You are amazing, Babe.