Drum Roll Please!

Last Saturday, JP, Karlie, and I went to Ashland and Montgomery for the weekend to reveal to our families that Karlie is a girl! The cupcake plan turned out better than I imagined and we had SUCH a good weekend.

The Wednesday before, we found out that we are having a girl. Thursday night, we went over to our new friends, Anna and Anthony's house to make the "Surprise Cupcakes" (and watch The Office!) Here was the process...

First, JP placed the cupcake liners in the pan...

Anna mixed the batter (by the way, this was her mixer's
maiden dessert voyage...hence the proud smile)

Batter mixing...

Next, JP and I filled the cupcake liners. It tasted VERY good.
However, I was smart enough to not get caught on camera.

After the cupcakes baked and cooled, we took straws and
poked holes in them. Then we took pink squeezey frosting and
squirted it down into the holes.

Pillsbury helped make the last step much easier. They make icing in a
big pressurized squirty can (like EZ Cheese or whipped cream). So we bought
chocolate and cream cheese and decorated the top. Anna added the sprinkles
for a very festive touch.

Then it was show time...
Friday night, we went to JP's parent's house...

And we told my family on Saturday night...

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